Saturday, October 8, 2011

Homework Week-4 [SQL Part-1 Create Table and Insert Values]

Class work Part-1: [How to login to Database?]

Class work Part-2: [User Management]

Class work Part-3: [Class Notes - Create Table]

Class work Part-4 [Different Ways of Inserting data into a table]

How to spool SQL output to a file?

How to transfer files from Linux to Windows using WinSCP?

Your homework for week-4 is:
  1. Login to your database schema.
  2. Start spool.
    Spool output to  /home/oracle/SpooledFiles/Khan_A13_spool_file.log.
    Replace Khan_A13 with your schema name.
  3. Ceate and insert values in all tables mentioned on page 57, 58 and 58 in your book. Tables are also located at
  4. Turn off spool.
  5. Transfer file from Server-223 to your laptop using WinSCP.
  6. Send me the file from Step-5 from your email as attachment. 


As a final note, please be sure to save all the Create and insert statements into a notepad in your laptop. We will reusing the same code again to recreate the database objects.

--Moid Muhammad

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