Saturday, October 8, 2011

Homework (Week-19) | Redo Logs | Archive Logs | Oracle Cold and Hot Backup Strategy

Class work: In Class Notes

Class work: How to perform Consistent (COLD) User Managed Backup and recover the database on a different host?

Class Work: My queries on Redo and Archive Logs --Moid

Homework: Change redo log size --Moid

Homework: Change redo log location --Moid

Homework: Change the datafile location --Moid

Homework: Perform a User Managed Hot Backup --Moid

Homework: Perform a User Managed Restore from a hot Backup --Moid

Homework: One of the control file is lost. Restore it and open database --Moid

Homework: All controlfiles are lost. Re-create them. --Moid

How to enable archivelog mode? --Moid

How to Disable archivelog mode? --Moid

How to recover database when a redo log is accidentally dropped? --Moid


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