Saturday, May 28, 2011

MoidIITDocID-502: How to create a password file? --Moid

$ orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapw$ORACLE_SID password='abc123' ignorecase=Y entries=5 force=y

Starting from 19c, atleast 8 bytes are required for SYS password.

orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapw$ORACLE_SID password='abc123'  force=y
OPW-00029: Password complexity failed for SYS user : Password must contain at least 8 characters.

Solution is to add "format=12". See below:
orapwd file=$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapw$ORACLE_SID password='abc123'  force=y  format=12

--Moid Muhammad

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  1. Hello Moid,Thank Q very much for sharing your knowledge to others.I need some real time issues what you faced and how you resolve it.Please make
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